Transporting a car to and from a race event can be a challenge.  A mid-size SUV or pickup truck is recommended.  Renting a trailer from U-Hail is another option.  The more dedicated racers have an enclosed cargo trailer.  And in a pinch ski rack cross bars can work.

To help plan your travel here are some dimensions to keep in mind.

A floorboard of a Stock car is 75″ long (6′ 3″) and 14″ wide, the shell is 14″ tall

A floorboard of a Super Stock is 75″ long 16″ tall and 18″ wide, the shell is 16″ tall

A floorboard of a Master car is 83″ long (6′ 11″) and 14″ wide, teh shell is 8″ tall at the headrest.

The axles on all cars are 36″ wide.

Cars are transported without the wheel installed.

For transporting cars from New Hampshire to Akron our club as a 16 ft long enclosed trailer with shleves to accomodate 16 Champ cars,



Stcok car being transported in mid-sized SUV.


Stcok car being transported in mid-sized SUV with one rear passenger seat available for the racer.


Stock car in vehicle at 76″ long